Poodle Rescue of Houston always has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.  These tasks would be perfect for retired people looking to make a difference and/or families looking for a way to spend time together while teaching the values of giving and unconditional love to their children. All volunteers must attend PRH Volunteer Orientation prior to volunteering for the first time. The orientation is offered monthly.

Guidelines for Child and Teen Volunteers:

The minimum age for volunteering is 12. Twelve and thirteen year olds must have a parent or other responsible adult attend orientation with them and volunteer with them.

Teens fourteen years old and older can usually volunteer on their own. It’s a good idea for a parent or guardian of 14-17 year old teens to attend a volunteer orientation so they’ll know what their teen will be doing.

Volunteer Activities

We always need help in socializing the dogs.  The idea is to give them structure along with human interaction and affection.

This activity consists of:

  • taking them from their kennels
  • leash walking
  • teaching basic commands
  • playing with them in the visitation yards

More often than not, we desperately need help in household tasks. It's easy to find people dedicated to socializing the dogs, but not so easy to find volunteers willing to help with these household tasks that play an important role in the care and well-being of the dogs in our program.

These tasks consists of:

  • folding clothes
  • mopping floors
  • sanitizing kennels
  • washing dog bowls
  • laundering dog blankets
  • spraying off potty areas
  • other various household tasks

For volunteers able to make a significant commitment of time, we have vacancies in the following areas:

  • adoption counseling (interviewing prospective parents & helping them and their new dog adapt to living together)
  • transportation of rescued animals 
  • photography

Some of these jobs require training and consistent commitment.

We are happy to train, if you can commit to a consistent schedule!

Groups of all sizes are welcome to volunteer together. Please email our coordinator to help organize your volunteer activity. If you are a leader of a group that includes youth, please plan to divide your volunteers into groups of one adult to each four to five youth. When you email us, please let us know the total number of volunteers, the ages of the volunteers, and the dates that you will be available.